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ARPS stands for "Advanced Role Playing System." I intend for ARPS to be a sort of computer version of D&D genre games. You may be thinking "There are already TONS of those style games." True, but this will be a game design system, allowing game designers with no or minimal programming skills to create games with a lot of flexibility.

The ARPS system itself will have a demo game, whose purpose is basically to test things.

Current Features of the ARPS system:

  • 3D "3 quarter" isometric perspective. This replaces the former 2D perspective. New screenshots will be available soon.
  • Advanced Combat System -- Allows as little or as much user involvement as desired
  • Definable map sizes
  • Maps can be linked (i.e. to create dungeons or buildings)

    Planned Features of the ARPS system:

  • Embedded scripting language, such as Javascript, in which spells and other events will be written. Game creators can use existing scripts, or create their own to add functionality.
  • Multi-layered maps. Originally This was to use a flat map, but after being inspired by looking at screen shots of other games, I decided that layering maps will add more realism.

    Screen Shots:

    Screen Shot 1 The game engine


    The current development versions of ARPS run on:
    • Linux with SVGAlib. (May be removed at some point)
    • Allegro-4.0.0. The ARPS development kit Has been successfully compiled under Linux, MS-DOS, and Windows NT using Allegro.
    • Simple Directmedia Layer: The development kit works using the SDL libraries. These libraries can be found on most Linux systems
    Arps has been ported to the following Systems
    • Linux
    • Win32 (NT, others haven't been tested yet
    • MS-DOS

    ARPS Developers

    The following people are actively working to develop ARPS:

    Others who have contributed to this project include:

    Hrafnkell Freyr Hlodversson
    (widget set)

    JOIN the Team!

    If you'd like to help in the development of ARPS, send me mail at: My Email Address or drop by the ARPS forum at

    A knowledge of C programming is required for programming. However there are other tasks such as graphics work and documentation that can be done. You do not need to have access to Linux, but if you are not using Linux, you will have to port the code to your platform.


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